You may have heard about the plastic crisis facing our planet, but do you really know what the direct impact of our plastic-dumping activities as modern humans really is? 

Every year, 8 million metric tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean, 236,000 of which are 'micro-plastics', tiny fragments of broken down plastic. If that doesn't quite shock you enough, that's the equivalent of one garbage truck's worth of plastic every minute. By the year 2050 (by weight), there will be more plastic in our oceans, than there are fish

Many marine organisms and species mistake plastic for food - such as turtles, who often mistake plastic for jellyfish, these animals can not digest the plastic, and so end up starving as a result of it filling their stomaches. 

Coral reefs, which make up home around 25% of the ocean's sea life, have an 89% chance of becoming diseased after coming into contact with plastic - destroying the natural habit of much marine life. 

Our plastic-dumping habits also affect the food we choose to digest. As many fish that are consumed by humans, such as tuna, and trout ingest plastic fibres, we can also end up digesting these toxic particles, affecting our own health.


At Leaf London our aim is to:

🌿INFLUENCE and inspire others to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle
🌿ENCOURAGE other companies and individuals to take steps to becoming more plastic-conscious

🌿SUPPORT a local UK charity in their mission for marine research and conservation and

🌿INFORM others of what the problems facing our oceans really are

In order to do this, in all that we do, we promise:


  • There will be ZERO use of single use plastic in our processes

  • There will be ZERO plastic used in our packaging and shipping methods

  • £1 of EVERY sale we make will be donated to Just One Ocean, a UK based marine conservation and research charity with a mission to raise awareness for the critical issues facing the health and well-being of our oceans

  • We will actively inform others of these issues on a regular basis, via social sharing, blogs, events and ethical marketing


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Just One Ocean is a UK registered marine conservation charity founded by diver, photographer and all-round ocean advocate, David Jones. During his military and civilian careers David spent many years underwater and saw first-hand many the problems being faced by our oceans. He was determined to do something to help and worked for several years alongside colleagues in the production of the award winning documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’ before deciding to start his own charity. Just One Ocean not only raises awareness but also undertakes scientific research across a range of issues.  In addition it supports other scientists, artists, writers and a whole range of people and organisations who are working in many different ways to protect the oceans for future generations.

The Just One Ocean website sites the main threats facing our oceans as follows:

  • Plastic Pollution

  • Marine Animal Captivity

  • Overfishing

  • Habitat Destruction

  • Whaling

  • and Shark Finning

You can read more about the issues and what Just One Ocean are doing to help with each one here

Each pound of our sales that goes to Just One Oceangoes to the prevention and awareness of these causes, marine conservation in all forms, and ongoing global marine research which is pivotal to learning more about these crisis', and ways in which we can prevent and conserve looking forward.