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Plastic Polluted Ocean

About LEAF


Leaf London was founded in late 2018, and launched in 2019 - with a mission to provide a solution to those who want to look chic in the ocean, whilst also saving it. Starting from the very initial set-up stages of our brand, we wanted to lead a revolution of plastic-conscious individuals across the UK and beyond. It was also very important for us that we helped to support other UK companies - with the charity we help and many of our suppliers also being from the UK.

Our promise is to; EDUCATE about the ocean and the issues it is facing, through blogs, posts, and sharing information, ENCOURAGE others to take steps into leading a more co-friendly and plastic-conscious lifestyle, SUPPORT local charity and marine conservation research centre Just One Ocean, by donating £1 of every sale we make to their cause, and ENSURE we takes measures to being an eco-friendly company, such as our zero-plastic packaging rule, donations, and zero use of single-use plastic throughout the company. 

You can find out more about what Leaf London and Just One Ocean do, and what the main threats facing our ocean are here.